"The French Doctoresse" - 2017

According to the financial disclosure that Rohrabacher just filed in August, he was a busy bee last year. Back on April 25, 2017, Dana Rohrabacher sold an option on a screenplay entitled "The French Doctoresse" for $15,000-$50,000. "Doctoresse" is Rohrabacher's really weird way of saying "doctor who happens to be a woman." 

April 2017

April 2017 was a good month for Comrade Rohrabacher. Exactly two weeks before somebody "bought" his "screenplay," Rohrabacher was in Berlin meeting with Russian lobbyist, Rinat Akmetshin.

"The French Doctoresse" - 1989

Either it is an incredible coincidence, or this is the same "French Doctoresse" script that Rohrabacher was shopping around in 1989. 

Pro-Hitler scene

Hopefully the script is better this time around - but back in 1989, the Los Angeles Times reported that there was a pro-Hitler scene. That is bad. On a scale of 1-10, we're putting it at "definitely more than 10."

Wait ... how pro-Hitler was it?

Hitler stands in a hallway, talking to an aide. The sound of music and people talking can be heard. 

HITLER: Is it the usual guest list this evening?

AIDE: With one exception. Your sculptor . . . has invited a friend. She is a doctor who is married to a French pilot. She has an interesting story. Her husband was arrested as a terrorist. She, on the other hand, became a doctor for the German air force last year and recently saved the lives of a number of our airmen.

HITLER: Where is her husband now?

AIDE: In one of the camps.

In the reception room. Jeanne addresses Hitler in a rush. 

JEANNE: Mein Herr. I came to remind you of your decree that for everyone who saved a German life, a life could be expected in return. My husband is a prisoner.

HITLER: Ah. The French doctoresse. (pause). Madame, I have just this moment given the order to locate your husband, clothe him and surrender him to your care. Coincidentally, tonight we are having a French-style dinner. So, let us come to the table. You may consider this evening in your honor.

JEANNE: I am just so happy.

How do we know the screenplay is really worth $50,000? Seems like it's worthless.

Good question! We have a lot of questions for Congressman Rohrabacher.  

P.S.: Just so you know we aren't making it up ... here's a link to an article from 1989 that excerpted the screenplay.